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Who uses FirstNet?


The potential public safety user community in Maryland and nationwide:
  • ​Law enforcement, fire, emergency medical services, E911, Emergency Management
  • Federal, state, county, regional and tribal public safety agencies
  • Coast Guard, National Guard and FEMA
  • Hospitals, LifeFlight, ambulatory contracted services
  • Red Cross and Salvation Army​
  • Click here to view NTIA.gov​.

What are Deployables?


Mobile cell sites or deployables are infrastructures transportable on trucks, allowing fast and easy installation in restricted spaces. The use of deployable systems in public safety operations can help provide first responders with critical communications in areas that do not have sufficient coverage. FirstNet will procure, deploy, and maintain a nationwide fleet of mobile communication systems to provide temporary coverage in areas not covered by existing, usable infrastructure. Generally, these units would be deployed at times of an incident to the affected area. These mobile communication units would be temporarily installed and may use existing satellite, microwave, or radio systems for backhaul.

Will the Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network (NPSBN) replace my public safety mobile radio (LMR) system?


No. While there will be voice communication capability (cell phone) with the NPSBN when it is introduced, it will not be public safety communications "mission critical" quality. Mission-critical communications include capabilities such as point to multi-point communication, and device-to-device direct communication when not connected to a network. These capabilities are not part of the selected long term evolution (LTE) technology platform. It is not anticipated that the network will have mission-critical communications capabilities for the foreseeable future, existing public safety LMR systems must continue to be maintained. The NPSBN will supplement LMR communications for access to mission-critical data.

Will I have to use the FirstNet network?


No. There is absolutely no mandate for any agency to adopt and utilize the FirstNet network.

How do I buy FirstNet services in Maryland?

Click on this link to review contract information.



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